Mrs. Figg (arabella_doreen) wrote,
Mrs. Figg

Smiley's People (1982)

Просто украду чужое. "If the pace got any slower it would be in reverse, and I still have to squint with my brain to work out what the flipping heck is very slowly going on. The problem is the one Truffaut stated to Hitchcock: Any time you have drama where two characters are talking about a third who isn’t there, we think “Who?” LeCarre’s books contain nothing but small groups or sad men talking about other sad men who aren’t there. It’s great, but a bit enervating when put on film. But that’s cool — the burdened plod of the narrative gives you plenty of time to catch up, or just worry that you’ve lost the plot altogether, and every fifteen minutes there’s a new, brilliant actor doing an unconvincing accent or a fresh variation on clipped, laconic dialogue or offensively matey bluster. It’s a bit like having a birthday in a dimly-lit pub — one of those birthdays when you’re a bit too old to find birthdays cheerful. I find the gloom strangely cosy."


Выкинул зажигалку.

Tags: alan rickman, screencaps, smiley, tv-whore
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