Mrs. Figg (arabella_doreen) wrote,
Mrs. Figg

A View from the Bridge

Постановка эта вызвала во мне крайние, редко виданные степени раздражения, на каком-то не совсем осознаваемом уровне. Прочитаю пьесу и подумаю. Почему-то мне хочется думать, что это не Миллер, а режиссер. Ну и девица. И разделяю изумление критика.

'Call me Mary-Mary-Quite-Contrary, but I just can’t get as wildly enthused as most of my critical colleagues about Ivo Van Hove’s drastically pared-back account of Arthur Miller’s A View from the Bridge. To read some of the ecstatic reviews that greeted this radical production’s opening at the Young Vic last April, you’d think London had never seen anything like it. Who knew that this repertoire staple was so good, that Miller wasn’t some dusty has-been? Et cetera et cetera.'

Блаблабла, 'All well and good, but there’s often something mannered – and even distracting – about the austere stylisation', да.

'If the show still has much gut-wrenching power, that’s primarily because the play – first seen in London in 1956 – is a bona fide classic and the main performances hugely persuasive. Mark Strong deserves the accolades for his Eddie Carbone, attaining a haunting dead-eyed fixity of self-destructive purpose as the evening moves swiftly (without interval) to its climax.'

Tags: театр?
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