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"What we do is rate snacks, what we’re about is respect for women"

I'm not okay. Okay, I'm fine actually. Just painfully fangirling.

Мне надо куда-то слить эмоции и лишнее. Еще один пост, который никто не поймет (ну ладно, примерно два человека поймут очень отдельные моменты). И знаете что? Я не буду вешать на него замок. Нет.

Post on "Mike and Tom Eat Snacks" podcast, quotes and stuff.

Be aware that it is definitely an adult-rated show and Michael can and will make jokes about absolutely anything (while Tom is often quietly horrified). But they’ll both happily make jokes about what you shouldn’t say to them while they’re sucking dicks in gay porn: “Tommy! I loved you in Providence!”

И Том, демонстрирующий французский акцент (канадец, for fuck's sake). Fuck you с французским акцентом, спасибо, Том.

Или немножко поговорил на французском

Он очень хорошо поет (например, песню It’s Not What You Wear It’s How You Take It Off бляяяяяя). Или Hit Me Baby One More Time на французском. I'm not okay.

И хорошо танцует. На самом деле, я на той дурацкой болезненной стадии, когда меня умиляют/восхищают/возбуждают абсолютно любые маленькие вещи.I'm so screwed.

The later episodes when they shift to Nerdist are mostly recorded in Tom’s apartment and in one Michael’s like: “have you got any milk?” And they talk about what milk Tom has, and it’s organic whole milk because “I don’t like any of that diet stuff!” Tom’s all about the additives and carcinogens and stuff that Isn’t Real Food. Which is kind of antithetical to having a podcast on snacks. - Totally adorable, right?

He’s a good wholesome Catholic Canadian family man! Who occasionally swears like a sailor and gets really graphic about doing gay porn. - спасибо, католический божечка, спасибо тебе за Тома.

Mike: That's what comes from being Irish.
Tom: I got blessed with charm, yeah. And not only that, I'm Irish-Italian.

Tom: Exactly right. When I've got the guy down and out, you come in and get me from behind. *laughs* You come in and you SHOOT me from behind.
Mike: You're damn right I shoot you from behind. I get you from behind and I shoot right up in you.
Tom: *laughs* WHAT? NO!

Tom: I feel like this changes our dynamic a little bit.
Mike: A little bit. Suddenly I'm the Alpha, you're the Omega.
Tom: I don't mind being the Omega.
Mike: No, you like that.
Tom: I feel like that's healthy.
Mike: Eh...
Tom: No?
Mike: You're thinking of Omega-3s.

Спасибо, мне полегчало.
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