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Who the hell is Bucky

Я обязана была это стырить у тамблера! Отличное резюме, что читать про Баки. Читала все, кроме extra credit в конце. Также, примечания друзьям: кажется, как раз упоминаемую в экстра кредитс Вдову нам пытались сосватать "Чук и Гик" на ЭвриКоне, хорошенькая такая книжечка. Надо будет скачать. А Ремендер, от которого автор текста предостерегает в конце, - это весь тот дремучий семейный ангст про Dimension Z и приемного сына. А, и Winter Soldier: The Bitter March джеймсбондовский, в котором в 60-х Зимний Солдат посреди миссий периодически имеет флэшбеки про Стива и тогда не стреляет своим заданиям в спину и не добивает их, это тоже Ремендер. Муахахахаха.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (Bucky returns! It’s very angsty. You saw the movie)
Captain America and Bucky: The Life Story of Bucky Barnes: A recap of the preceding adventures with gorgeous art and bonus Natasha.
Captain America: Fallen Son/The Man With No Face/Two Americas (Bucky Cap! Bucky has a lot of weird adventures, Zemo ties him to a rocket again, Red Skull’s crazy daughter starts a personal vendetta, Bucky and Sam are cute)
Captain America: The Trial of Captain America (Red Skull’s crazy daughter leaks Bucky’s true i.d and past as the Winter Soldier to the press, Bucky stands trial for his crimes as the WS, is extradited to Russia because laws)
Captain America: Prisoner of War (Bucky is shirtless in a Siberian Gulag and fights a bear. It’s the best thing ever. I got my copy signed by Sebstan because I love it so much. Bucky finds out he trained sleeper agents and decides to go back to being the Winter Soldier to take them down. Steve becomes Cap again.)
Winter Soldier: Longest Winter/Broken Arrow/Widow Hunt: Bucky as the Winter Soldier takes down the sleeper agents at the cost of his relationship with the Black Widow, who is kidnapped and brainwashed into forgetting him completely. I cried for a thousand years.
Winter Soldier: Electric Ghost (Bucky fights a lady named Tesla Tarasova (he killed her dad in his WS days), feels bad about his life, makes some new friends, and is a big old goofball about Natasha)


Black Widow: The Name of the Rose, which is mainly about Natasha but also features some very cute Buckynat.

All-Winners Squad: Band of Heroes, in which Bucky meets up with some old WW2 kid sidekick type buddies and it’s terribly sad/great

On NO ACCOUNT read anything by Rick Remender.

Не могу не согласиться с автором по поводу топлесс Баки в сибирском Гулаге, дерущегося с медведем. И да, все жутко плачут в конце Black Widow Hunt. And Bucky and Sam are cute, indeed.
Tags: captain america, comicverse, marvel, winter soldier, бакикрасивый
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