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Что-то прямо распидорасило от всего. Полезла копаться в киндловских своих заметках хаотичных, в которые пихаю все без особой логики и системы, и они со мной разговаривают, суки, и загоняют на дно глубже.

Look at me! I set out to seek my fortune and I end up exactly where I started, and old as the hills still!

It takes strong men and women to love. People strong enough inside themselves to love without humiliation. People big enough to grow with their love and live inside a whole, wide new dimension. People brave enough to bear the responsibility of being loved and not fear it as a burden. I never had the generosity to love, to give my own most private self to another, for I was weak. I thought the gift would somehow lessen me.

'Cause I got just as lonesome when he was here. He wasn't much company, 'cept when we were makin' love. But makin' love is one thing, and bein' lonesome is another.

They were waiting to die but they were in no particular hurry: there were many things to think about.

All of us are broken; everyone, at some point, especially in adolescence, feels irreparably damaged, and we all need healing.

It's better not to bother. Offer them what they secretly want and they of course immediately become panic-stricken.

We can't all be Mad Hatters.

The took her to the cemet'ry
In a big ol' Cadillac
They took her to the cemet'ry
But they did not bring her back.

Dear God, life is hell.

Tags: дно, киндл, чтение
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