Mrs. Figg (arabella_doreen) wrote,
Mrs. Figg

"The Love of the Last Tycoon" by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Meet one of my favorite books. Прочитала когда-то совсем маленьким тинейджером, и, кажется, что-то вроде моих руководств жизни, значительная часть, откуда-то оттуда мне в голову запала.

"I can always tell people are nice," the stewardess said approvingly, "if they wrap their gum in paper before they put it in there."

My heart was fire and smoke was in my eyes and everything but I figured my chance at about fifty-fifty. I would walk right up to him as if I was either going to walk through him or kiss him in the mouth - and stop a bare foot away and say Hello with disarming understatement.

And I did - though of course it wasn't like I expected.
Tags: чтение
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