Mrs. Figg (arabella_doreen) wrote,
Mrs. Figg

Stage Beauty (2004)

Этот фильм настолько лучше, чем я его помнила, божечки. Billy is soo soo soo hot.

You know why the man stuff seemed so real? Because I'm pretending. You see a man through the mirror of a woman through the mirror of a man. You take one of those reflecting glasses away it doesn't work. The man only works because you see him in contrast to the woman he is. If you saw him without the her he lives inside, he wouldn't seem a man at all.

Once he found my cock, off he went. - It wasn't the case with me.

It is not a question of acting a man. I can act a man. There's no artistry in that. There are things that I can be as a woman that I cannot be as a man.

Tags: screencaps, кино
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