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Growing up, you encounter a lot of those callow girls who claim to have cool boy interests and go around saying provocative things like "I'm a misogynist" and "I don't have female friends" and that women's studies joke up there. What's weird about that phenomenon is girls who go around boasting about how they have no female friends want you to think it's because they have these robustly masculine brains and are too reasonable for the world of lady pettiness and are just super interesting and cool on almost manlike levels, but these women don't realize they're just advertising the fact that they're cunts. Trying to distinguish yourself from other stupid women is just another strategy to seem more fuckable and, insofar as you are cultivating a persona to be more fuckable, you are engaged in the activity of every stupid, venal, petty, shallow, purse dog-toting woman in history from whom you are supposedly trying to distinguish yourself.


It takes a certain amount of adulthood to realize that being honest doesn't make you good, it just makes you honest. You can be completely open and direct about your flaws but it doesn't absolve you of them. Hopefully we can all agree that lying is awful, but it's important to add that being frank about your own awfulness doesn't make you less awful. It makes you easier to identify.

"Night Terrors: Sex, Dating, Puberty, and Other Alarming Things" (Ashley Cardiff)
Tags: would you like some feminism, чтение
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